Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Huge Thank You to
Spates the Florist
for so generously providing
the plants and landscaping
to decorate the
Arts & Crafts
Culinary & Horticulture
department at 
The Orleans County Fair
Visit them online for all your floral needs
or call 802-334-8330
They Deliver!
Orleans County Fair 2012
Department of Arts & Crafts and Culinary & Horticulture

Contest Results

King Arthur Flour Baking Contest
1st  Noreen Hinton
2nd Dorothy Hathaway
3rd Russell Hinton
Honorable Mention : Frin Lauzonis
1st  Sydney Harper
2nd Marissa Thorton
3rd Amythest Jones
Honorable Mention: Maddie Jones

OCF Lucy Smith Baking Award
Russell Hinton
 (most points over all baking categories)

OCF Veggie Car Derby
Heavy Weights
Gold Medal: Brooklyn Hinton ~ Brownington
Silver Medal: Thomas Hinton ~ Brownington
Gold Medal: Connor Duncan ~ Newport
Silver Medal: Isaac Bliss ~ Newport
Scarecrow Contest
1st  : $100 ~ Autum Perron for Villina the Friendly Scarecrow Witch
2nd  $75 ~ Noreen Hinton for Mr. & Mrs. Cawfield
3rd  $50 ~ Brady Perron for Farmer Scarecrow

2012 Fair Photo Contest 
1st  $100 ~ Christopher Roy
2nd  $75 ~ Walter Earle
3rd  $50 ~ Walter Earle
 Next Year These Cash Prizes Could Be Yours

Friday, August 3, 2012

Arts & Crafts 
Culinary & Horticulture
Online Volunteer Registration Form Here>

We will be having our Arts & Crafts and Culinary & Horticulture department volunteer’s meeting
Thursday Evening
August 9, 2012
In the Floral Hall Building
At 7:00pm

This year we have added several new features to the department.

Scarecrow University is a little red school house serving as a backdrop for both the scarecrow and container garden contests and silent auctions. Fair goers attending Scarecrow University can play with memory card games, word searches, coloring pages, chalk board doodling and have story time. Adults can place bids on container gardens and scarecrows to take home to their own yard. Prizes for both the Scarecrow and Container Garden Contests are: $100, $75 and $50 for first, second and third places.

On Children’s Day, Wednesday we will be having two new events. Adults and children can participate in a Veggie Car Derby and an American Girl Doll Tea Party.

In true Vermonter fashion, the new Veggie Car Derby combines three New England passions; ingenuity, gardening and NASCAR. The idea is that participants build their car using a variety of produce held together with nothing but wooden tooth picks and bamboo skewers. Bring your master piece to the race track at Floral Hall and compete with other gardening/NASCAR enthusiasts. The competition is open to all ages. Multi-generational pit crews are encouraged.

The American Girl Doll Tea Party begins at 3:00pm in the Arts & Crafts department. No doll required. Children can participate in a craft project and enjoy a story time with lemonade and cookies.

In addition to three days or crafts registrations and filling in the daily schedule of volunteers in floral hall, I still need volunteers to schedule shifts in Scarecrow University and possibly assist with the American Girl Doll Tea Party depending on the public turnout that day. I have a crew lined up to run the Veggie Car Derby but extra help around during that event will be great.

I also still need qualified judges lined up for the following categories:
*The new "Heritage" category
*Woodcraft, Framed Art, General Crafts,
*Some categories of Needlework & Needlecraft (except quilting, knitting, crochet)
*Cut Flowers
*All Categories of Preserved Foods
*Three qualified bakers to judge the King Arthur Flour Baking Contest on FRIDAY
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for these judges.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 9th at 7pm. In the face of the recent break-ins vandalism and substantial graffiti I am more determined than ever to help make this, our 145th anniversary year, even more special. With your help I know it can happen!