Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orleans County Fair 2012
Department of Arts & Crafts and Culinary & Horticulture

Contest Results

King Arthur Flour Baking Contest
1st  Noreen Hinton
2nd Dorothy Hathaway
3rd Russell Hinton
Honorable Mention : Frin Lauzonis
1st  Sydney Harper
2nd Marissa Thorton
3rd Amythest Jones
Honorable Mention: Maddie Jones

OCF Lucy Smith Baking Award
Russell Hinton
 (most points over all baking categories)

OCF Veggie Car Derby
Heavy Weights
Gold Medal: Brooklyn Hinton ~ Brownington
Silver Medal: Thomas Hinton ~ Brownington
Gold Medal: Connor Duncan ~ Newport
Silver Medal: Isaac Bliss ~ Newport
Scarecrow Contest
1st  : $100 ~ Autum Perron for Villina the Friendly Scarecrow Witch
2nd  $75 ~ Noreen Hinton for Mr. & Mrs. Cawfield
3rd  $50 ~ Brady Perron for Farmer Scarecrow

2012 Fair Photo Contest 
1st  $100 ~ Christopher Roy
2nd  $75 ~ Walter Earle
3rd  $50 ~ Walter Earle
 Next Year These Cash Prizes Could Be Yours

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